Taiyaki Hot Pack

Taiyaki Hot Pack

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It has a silhouette that makes you mistakenly think that it is a taiyaki.
(Taiyaki is a fish shaped cake with sweet red bean inside.)

It feels like a real taiyaki, but it's actually a taiyaki-shaped hot pack.

Usage is simple.

Just put it in the microwave and heat it for about 1 minute.

It will be a natural hot pack that lasts for about 20 minutes!

The contents are brown rice made by Haruko.

Rice made without using pesticides or fertilizers.

Using the old rice, I packed it in Taiyaki together with Hokkaido red beans.

The moisture of brown rice and red beans turns into steam, warming your body from the core.

For small children, the elderly, dogs and cats with short hair, why not try this Taiyaki Hot Pack?

Size palm size

++Maker Recommended Points++
A secret popular product that has various happy voices, such as removing eye strain, stiff shoulders, and better sleep when placed on the stomach.
When you take it out after warming it in the microwave, it really smells like taiyaki, so be careful not to eat it by mistake!